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Silent Disco Equipment Rental

How long do silent disco headphones work?

Nokomoto– Outside of aesthetics, these headphones also have a complete set of features for silent disco. They use RF, they can switch through three different audio channels, and they can run for 10 to 15 hours.

Do you want to raise the bar for your next Event? Weddings, nightclubs, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and other events all around the globe have hired Nokomoto to provide entertainment. Having your silent disco Equipment Rental is simpler than ever with our rental packages, complete with headphones. Get in touch with us now, and one of our planners will be pleased to advise you on how to make tonight an unforgettable event for your guests.

Silent Disco Equipment Rental
Silent Disco Equipment Rental

What Does the Nokomoto Silent Disco Equipment Rental Include?

Free shipping everywhere

You get the equipment a long time before you need it, so you have plenty of time to get used to it.

Returns are free and easy

Just put the kit away when you’re done, and we’ll come to get it. Leads that plug into the most common sound sources are included (iPod, decks, laptop, mixers, etc.).

As many as three channels

You can send multiple music channels to the headphones simultaneously, and your guests can switch between them. Ideal for making music for people of different ages and tastes.

Excellent Quality of Sound

This is just one reason why festivals all over the world choose us as their wireless headphone supplier.

Setup Guide Step by Step

You can do this if you know how to connect a DVD player.

Fully Tested Silent Disco Equipment

Before every Event, the equipment is checked, and the batteries are changed so each pair of headphones can be used for the full 12 hours.

Spare Batteries

We can immediately charge our headphones because we can switch out the batteries in seconds.

24/7 Support

Our tech team is always available by phone to ensure everything runs smoothly.


The Popularity of Disco Equipment Rental

So why are our silent disco evenings getting so popular? Because it’s different! It’s a night to remember, you get the perfect party atmosphere and can dance the night away, but you won’t have to shout to communicate with your friends. It’s a great method to entice more reticent partygoers, who can tap in and out, and your regulars, who will enjoy a whole new partying experience.

Silent discos allow you to spice things up and provide guests with a fun, memorable evening that can be customized for your occasion.


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