Buy Silent Party Equipment

Buy Silent Party Equipment

The government ban on disco and loud music after 11 p.m. gave rise to a new trend in the entertainment industry: Buy Silent Party Equipment . This new government regulation limited loud music, making the dance evening somewhat dull. However, thanks to this cutting-edge technology, Silent Party Equipment, revellers may keep having a good time at the disco in a completely legal and sanctioned manner.


According to the law, businesses “may not play loud music after 11 p.m., but may stay open all night provided their music is not loud.” Here’s how Nokomoto’s SILENT DISCO HEADPHONES play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the disco party.

Silent Party Equipment are a new product from Nokomoto in response to popular demand. This system has two parts: wireless stereo headphones and a tiny music transmitter. You may have a great time dancing to the disco’s loud music without bothering others or breaking the law if you’re wearing noise-cancelling headphones. These 3 Channel Silent Disco Headphones fit snugly enough to block out ambient sounds without compromising comfort.

Nokomoto ISO-certified Silent Party Equipment have a noise-cancelling microphone and active noise-amplifying technology. We provide a compact UHF-based music transmission system, which allows the headphones to receive the entire tonal and rhythmic range of the music being played in the disco and play it back on their stereo speakers. Anyone within a 100-meter range with a pair of suitable headphones may hear the music clearly and completely.

A silent disco may go all night if you buy headphones from Nokomoto, the industry leader.

Nokomoto Silent Disco Equipment has a high-quality wireless transmitter for silent disco headphones.

Key Features of Our Silent Disco Equipment:

  • Professional Wireless Headphones for Silent Disco with 865Mhz/867Mhz (Free Band) and selectable channels
  • Transmits audio signals up to 300 meters through walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Active noise suppression for crystal-clear audio.
  • Innovative 40mm speaker for exceptional sound quality.
  • Double PLL frequency stabilization mechanism.
  • Auto-mute and auto-shutoff after detecting no signal for 10 minutes to preserve battery life.
  • As you turn up the volume, groovy flashlights pulse softly.
  • Large channel-indicating logo light; the logo colour allows you to distinguish between channels.
  • Multiple colours are available for selection.
  • Endless quiet disco headphones are compatible with a single transmitter.
  • Buy headphones for silent discos from Nokomoto and unleash your inner party beast.